Live Chat: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Agile


There’s a lot of hype about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but what does it really mean? We’ll talk to Aginext 2019 Speaker Aidan Casey about one of this year’s most exciting topic! With lean you build, measure, and learn, but building machine learning focused is data first.

We talked about:
How can you leverage AI to develop software on agile teams?
How will natural language processing fit into the software lifecycle?
How will it improve the feedback loop?
How can AI improve our product backlog grooming and prioritisation?
Can there be a robot Scrum master?
How will chatbots and ChatOps become mainstream in how you deploy and operate your software?
How will NLP help us build more stable software?
How will our conversations be more data-driven?
And how will it affect the job force and ethical software development?

Join Aidan this March!

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