Jungle Scrum Workshop – An epic Agile adventure – Fun and engaging way to learn Agile for all !


Get ready to go on a fun and engaging epic Agile adventure ! Jungle Scrum workshops teach Agile techniques through animation, storytelling, music and presentations !

These interactive sessions are aimed at all ages from 7 to 70 years old for delegates of all backgrounds. Learn essential skills for the Digital age. Agile techniques can be applied to everyday life as well as the workplace, so why not contact us now and book your workshop !

Some of the topics covered:

– Comparison of delivery frameworks such as Waterfall and Agile
– Agile mind-set required to be successful
– Success factors for effective Agile teams
– Agile culture
– Team dynamics
– Scrum Framework (Roles, Events and Artefacts)
and many more…

Contacts us now and book your workshop at http://www.junglescrum.com

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